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Our Firm

Serving the Tri-Cities, Columbia Basin, and western United States for over 30 years.

Tom Blodgett, Bob Blodgett, Brent Mickelsen, and Ferris Naef came together and formed Blodgett, Mickelsen & Naef, P.S., a Certified Public Accounting firm, in 1985.


Blodgett, Mickelsen & Naef became a fixture in the region, serving individuals and businesses in the Tri-Cities, Columbia Basin, and throughout the United States in tax, audit, and accounting matters. The firm has always been a proud member of the Tri-Cities business community, and the Tri-Cities will always be its home. We take great pride in the communities we serve and desire to be a part of their continued success.


After a distinguished career serving clients in tax matters, Ferris Naef retired from practice in 2010. In 2015, the firm became Blodgett, Mickelsen & Adamson, P.S., with the admission of Travis Adamson as a partner. Then in 2022, after over 3 decades of exceptional service, Brent Mickelsen and Tom Blodgett retired from practice. The firm is honored by past founding partners Ferris Naef, Bob Blodgett, Brent Mickelsen, and Tom Blodgett.

Our many years of experience translates into an ability to provide expert and efficient service for our clients. We treasure our trusted, long-lasting client relationships and look forward to serving clients for many years to come.

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