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We are your partners in business, tax and accounting matters.


All of our clients benefit from our vast expertise, but beyond the typical issues they face on an annual basis, we help with:


  • Major business transactions. We are experts in structuring business and commercial transactions of all kinds such that parties get the best possible tax outcomes.


  • Tax deferred sales and exchanges of property. 


  • Trust and estate planning. Our professionals practice in trust and estate taxation at a higher level than any other professionals in the Tri-Cities.


  • Federal and state employment tax. If you have employees you are dealing with a complex array of rules and regulations regarding payroll that we understand.


  • Litigation and legal industry support. We provide expertise and assistance in disputes involving forensic accounting matters and expert tax and accounting opinions. We provide guidance to attorneys and their clients in issues involving settlement, personal injury, divorce, probate, transactional, and planning matters.


We work in tandem with your group of advisors - your attorneys, financial planners, and insurance professionals - to arrive at the best possible results for you.

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