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Our tax group offers high-level tax expertise but in a cost-effective manner. We pride ourselves on being experienced and knowledgeable with our complex tax laws and regulations, which are in constant flux.


We find ways to save you money now and to plan for the future.  We take the time to explain the strategies we devise, and we include the client in the entire decision-making process.

1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, and state income tax returns

With many years of combined experience, we are experts in the preparation of individual income tax returns and representing clients before the IRS and other taxing authorties.


Every year, we prepare hundreds of IRS 1040s and state income tax returns. Our tested processes enable BLODGETT MICKELSEN & ADAMSON to make our clients' annual tax reporting obligations easy and cost-effective. We carry the philosophy of getting your return done without extensions, if possible. We explore opportunities for helping every client to save or reduce taxes.

Non-profit & Charitable Organizations
990, 990-PF, 1023, 1023EZ


We help non-profit and charitable organizations in achieving their missions. Non-profits and charitable organizations are subject to extensive regulation and scrutiny. BLODGETT MICKELSEN & ADAMSON brings expert representation and prides itself in serving many community organizations devoted to charitable causes.

C corps, S corps, Partnerships, LLCs, Co-operatives.

We have spent decades providing providing tax compliance services for:


  • real estate partnerships;

  • agricultural operations large and small;

  • private investment groups;

  • physicians, lawyers, dentists, physical therapists, chiropracters, and other professionals;

  • retailers;

  • truckers;

  • construction companies; and

  • small businesses.


As a closely-held business, we understand your business's needs as we live your experience on a daily basis. We are aware of potential pitfalls and opportunities available to benefit you. We will help you make good choices to position your business for success.

Estate, Gift & Trust Taxation
706, 709, 1041

Professionals with BLODGETT MICKELSEN & ADAMSON are considered estate, gift, and trust taxation leaders and experts within the Tri-Cities community. We have assisted many families, trusts, and estates in complex tax, estate planning, succession planning, and probate matters.

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