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Sam Segovia

Samuel Segovia was born and raised here in the Tri-Cities. After graduating from Kennewick High School in 2019, he went on to earn his AAS in Accounting from Columbia Basin College. After gaining more interest in the field of accounting, he transferred over to the Heritage University accounting program on the CBC campus to earn his Bachelor's degree in Accounting.

Samuel joined Blodgett, Mickelsen & Adamson as an intern for the 2023 tax season, where he learned valuable skills and information about the public accounting world. He’s grateful for knowledge gained of different tax aspects and the process of completing business tax returns. 

Samuel enjoys spending time with his family. He also loves the world of fitness, where he pumps weight and runs the treadmill. In fact, Sam holds his graduating class record for the deadlift of a one rep max at 545 lbs! Sam is eager to push himself further in both the fitness and accounting world.

Office:  (509) 735-0379


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